Façade Improvement

Façade improvement programs produce real economic benefits for business and building owners, including increases in new customers, rental incomes and property values, according to a new study of the impact of these programs over the past 15 years by the University of Wisconsin-Extension. The study supports 10 general conclusions. As a result of storefront improvement projects:

  • Business operators generally experience an increase in the number of first-time customers
  • Many, but not all, businesses experience an increase in sales
  • Building owners generally generate increased rental revenues
  • Properties are often converted to perceived better uses
  • Other building improvements, including interior redesign, are often performed simultaneously
  • Even small investments generate significant returns
  • Multiple funding sources are often assembled to cover project costs
  • Property owners generally believe that their building has increased in value
  • Nearby owners often enjoy increased sales and initiate their own storefront improvements
  • Community pride, historic appreciation and civic legacy are celebrated

To view the full study, please click here.

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